Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dress Your Walls

Hello loves, I'm sorry for my 'here' and 'there' blogging lately - I'm working on something pretty exciting, and will share more very soon, so I've been extremely busy with that and LIFE.

I've been dreaming about wallpaper the past few weeks (or years), but have decided not to wallpaper our current home - rather, wait until we are in a home we will stay for a longer period of time. I have been finding all kinds of amazing wallpaper as of late, and wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

I would love to use this in a playroom or kid's bath 

this might be my absolute favorite 

love this purple stunner 

this is great 

source unknown - love the block print

So, would you wallpaper your home? 


  1. I would love to wallpaper a room in our house! Great choices! Can't wait to hear what you are up too! My mother in law and I are in the middle of starting an ETSY shop, so its been really exciting!

  2. Working on creating a home office, and I am thinking of doing a wallpaper print on an accent wall. It is just soooo hard to pick a print that I don't think I will get tired of. I change my mind A LOT! I am always wanting to redo something : /. Wanted to do it in our guest half bath, but I am actually really loving black walls with bright white trim and brass accents, so I might go that route! Can't wait to hear what you have been working on!! :)


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