Friday, April 27, 2012

The Weekend

Happy Friday...thank goodness! I am still not feeling well - but went in for a strep test today, which came back negative (oh yeah!) I am planning on a weekend full of rest and relaxation. Any fun plans for you? I will leave you with an extremely easy, healthy, tasty, and vegan recipe to try this weekend.

- 1 c rice (I use this - which makes the recipe even easier)
- 1/2 c pinto beans
- 1/2 c tofu (I use extra firm)
- 1/2 c salsa
- Avocado
- Spices (add any to your liking)

- Drain and 'press' tofu (press between paper towels or clean kitchen towel) - get as much moisture out as possible
- Once tofu has been drained and pressed, crumble and place in saute pan
- Add salsa to the pan, and saute combination over medium heat for about 3 minutes 
- Add cooked rice and pinto beans
- Saute all ingredients over medium heat, adding more salsa or other spices if you choose (I add a little olive oil once all ingredients have been added to the pan)
- Top with fresh avocado and enjoy! Yummy

21g protein and under 300 calories! 
Total cook time is about 10 minutes - can't beat that! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tin Can Cakes & Gender Reveal

Hello lovelies...I am still feeling a little scratchy/congested/not-so-hot, but I had to share this extremely exciting news today. Ever since coming across Oh Happy Day's tin can cake tutorial, I knew I had to give it a try. These little cakes are fun to make, adorable, and a piece of cake super simple!

...and one topped with sprinkles & entirely too much frosting because, why not? 

'What's with all the pink', you ask? 
And we couldn't be more excited!!!
...exhibit A:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Under The Weather

I am feeling a little (a lot) under the weather today. I woke up with a sore/swollen I'm out of commission, but I'll be back tomorrow! I thought I would share our "baby announcement" in lieu of today's planned post. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Green Monster Smoothie ((recipe))

Hello! I hope your day is going well, I have quite the sweet treat for you all this afternoon -- my take on the Green Monster Smoothie. Green smoothies are becoming extremely popular, and I'm hopping on the bandwagon. There are many different recipes out there, but this one is my personal fave. A simple way to add greens to your diet -- it tastes great, and you (or your kids) won't even know it's loaded with spinach -- winning! 
Health Benefits of Spinach:
  • low in calories, high in vitamins (one of the most nutrient-packed foods)
  • contains cancer-fighting antioxidants
  • promotes cardiovascular health
  • improves brain function
My Recipe:
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter (or pb powder)
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds (optional)
  • 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt
  • fill the remaining space with spinach (mine was 3 cups)
  • combine all ingredients, blend until smooth...and enjoy! 

In other exciting news, check out these chevron kitchen towels I scored at Target for $2.08 each! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

In My Closet

Today, I was a 'guest blogger' over at The Jem Journal - and wrote about my personal and design style. Head over to Morgan's blog to check out a few of my closet and home favorites. 

My Weekend

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was busy, but's a little iphone recap.

shrimp taco - banana shopping - first-ever mushroom burger (YUM)
dress: F21 (featured last week) - a little 'bebe preparer'
rooftop laguna love
hat: h&m, top: eclair, skirt: arden b - $2 bill - fiji mani
strawberry shake - dress: spelndid, scarf: arden b

Friday, April 20, 2012

Wedding Chicks < My Husband

It seems as if the ladies over at Wedding Chicks are digging the look my husband donned at our wedding. What can I say? He's taken!  He did look very dapper...these are a few of my favorite (man) shots from our day. 

...and one shot of the whole crew ((great memories))

Currently Loving

Happy Friday! I hope you had a fabulous week and are ready for the weekend -- I know I am! Today, I am bringing you 10 items I am currently loving...some need no explanation at all (ahem...7). 
1. Clarisonic - Since becoming pregnant, my skin has been extremely dry...especially on my face (totally annoying). Using this baby twice a day has certainly helped exfoliate my skin and help keep it fresh.
2. Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag - While I (obviously) haven't used my diaper bag yet, I am thrilled with this purchase. I wanted a lightweight bag, that didn't look too baby-ish. This was my perfect find - it's loaded with pockets, extremely lightweight (nylon), includes a changing pad, and features top and cross-body carrying options. Can't wait to use it!
3. Bio-Oil...I have been using this for the past few weeks in an attempt to avoid any stretch marks. I know a lot has to do with genetics, but have heard great things about Bio-Oil. It feels great on my skin, and so far - no stretch marks! 
4. Essie 'Fiji' of my go-to summer shades. 
5. Buxom Gloss in 'Dolly' - my all-time favorite lip gloss. Still haven't found anything to top it - and I'm open to suggestions! 
6. Urban Decay 'Naked' eyeshadow pallet. I love the warm/neutral tones this pallet includes - every shade is gorgeous, and I'm loving experimenting with this one. 
7. Sprinkles Red Velvet - I've been doing my best to eat healthy throughout my pregnancy, but sometimes you have to allow yourself to splurge...
8. Beautyblender makeup sponge - I recently purchased the beautyblender and I'm in love. This creates such a flawless, natural look - you can't beat it. 
9. Rosebud Salve - I have always been a sucker for Rosebud. My lips are very sensitive and this salve keeps them nice and smooth! 
10. Mary Kay 'TimeWise' Microdermabrasion Set - I love this microdermabrasion's like a mini facial with every use - my skin has never felt more smooth, and it beats the price of a facial by a long shot. 'Step 2 - replenish' really helps smooth my skin out before applying moisturizer. 

*These are all products I use (or eat), and LOVE! I would highly recommend any/all of them to you! 

Here I am using #5 on our wedding day...

1. Clarisonic 2. Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag 3. Bio-Oil 4. Essie - Fiji 5. Buxom Lip Gloss - Dolly 6. Urban Decay Naked Pallet 7. Sprinkles - Red Velvet Cupcake 8. Beautyblender Makeup Sponge 9. Rosebud Lip Salve 10. TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

(Non Maternity) Maternity Wardrobe

I don't know about any of you...but I am not a huge fan of maternity clothes...I just can't seem to find any that really appeal to me, and the thought of spending money on clothes I'll only be able to wear for the next few months is disappointing. 

I decided to take matters into my own hands, and find pieces that I could mix and match throughout my pregnancy, without having to purchase any as many maternity items. I do realize, as my "bump" continues to grow, I will have to succumb to certain maternity pieces -- but I am determined to collect a minimal amount. 

Here are a few of my favorite purchases thus far, complete with sources below. These are great staple pieces for your spring/summer wardrobe - expecting or not (see why this is so fab?)! 
Please share any of your (non-maternity) maternity pieces as well! 

Tribal Maxi - FOREVER 21
Printed Floral Dress - FOREVER 21
Asymmetric Maxi Skirt - NORDSTROM
Cotton Lace Boxy Top - NORDSTROM
Slit Long Skirt - BARNEYS NEW YORK
Striped Body Con Dress - TARGET
Ribbed & Striped Tee - ANTHROPOLOGIE
Knit Fold Over Maxi Skirt - ARDEN B

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Cleaning

time to get organized!

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie ((recipe))

It's no secret...I love the kitchen. Cooking, baking, creating, and eating -- all loves of my life. Today, I will be sharing my most adored kitchen gadget for Kate's link party, as well as my favorite smoothie recipe. This PBBD (peanut butter banana delight) is healthy, quick, and packed with nutrients (vitamins, calcium, protein, potassium, iron). I make this before workouts, as a quick snack, or even if I'm heading out the door to run errands -- it's that easy!

But first, let's start with the gadget - my Vitamix! This is the best piece of kitchen equipment I have invested in (it's not cheap, but it's WORTH it), and I use this blender every day. What's so great about a blender? The Vitamix is more like a "dream machine," as it can create a bajillion different items from smoothies, to steaming hot soups, and ice cream! You might remember the squash and tomato bisque I made last week, and guess what? I used my Vitamix to puree, and heat the ingredients...SO much easier than pureeing, transferring, THEN heating. This little baby can chop ice, blend frozen fruit, and even create peanut butter (solely using peanuts) no problem. I used to loathe blenders because they simply did not work -- i.e. ice would not completely blend, and I'd be left with a million different pieces to clean. I could go on and on, but those are a few of the reasons I simply adore my Vitamix.

On to the recipe! 

- 1 c milk (I used coconut milk, but any milk will do)
- 1 frozen banana (or fresh -- if you use a fresh banana, add a handful of ice cubes)
- 2 heaping tablespoons of peanut butter (I like to use powdered PB for my smoothies, but any kind will do)

Simply place all 3 (or 4) items in the blender, blend until smooth, and viola! You have a nutrient-packed snack in less than 3 minutes! Enjoy!

*check out many other delish Vitamix recipes here

Monday, April 16, 2012

My Weekend & Etsy Favorites

Happy Monday to you! How was your weekend? Ours was filled with relaxation, open houses, brunching, movies, reading, and ended at an amazing BBQ with some pretty great people!

Friday // ending the work week with some sweet tea and strawberries
Brunching @ Old Vine Cafe

Lusting after this MONSTER island - 11x11! 

Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite Etsy shops with you. Who else is Etsy-obsessed? There are SO many different things to find on this site, and I love supporting small businesses. I purchased a few of my wedding decorations from various Etsy sellers, and really loved the "personalized" feel it brought to our special day.  Enjoy! 

1. Jenni Jewel - Los Angeles, CA...I am loving the turquoise and onyx pieces

2. Andrew's Reclaimed  - Seattle, goods for home & garden

3. Redbird Cottage Art - Geneva, IL...original watercolor art

4. Kyoozi - Boston, MA...beautiful, custom throw pillows