Monday, October 22, 2012

Precious Life

This weekend did not turn out the way I had expected, or hoped for. I received a terrible reminder of how precious life truly is when I learned of the loss of a very dear friend. 

Life is so precious
And each day a gift
So enjoy every minute
As it were you last to live

Cherish your loved ones
Hug them tight
Share with them your heart
And your time

Nothing is forever
And life goes so fast
Each minute that passes
Is one you can’t get back

When troubles arrive
And knock you off your feet
Stand up and smile
And remember life is too sweet

Every morning when you wake,
Decide right from the start,
That “Today will be a good day”
And let it all in with an open heart

Love the people God has given you, for one day, he will need them back. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Animal Instincts

Happy Friday, chicks! Do you have any big plans this weekend? I will be relaxing and getting things done around the house...seems like such an ongoing process lately. Speaking of the home, I've been searching for a few animal-inspired pieces to add to our abode. I stumbled upon some pretty great things, and wanted to share a few of my favorites with you. I am hoping to add the aluminum steer horns to our living room - stay tuned! And, how amazing is the urchin chandelier?

Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My DIY Pillows

Upon moving into our new home, the first thing on our 'to buy' list was a new sofa, specifically a sectional. We are reality TV junkies, and always ordering movies on demand, so it's muy importante that we have a comfy place to lounge while doing so. You may remember that we sold all of our furniture along with our condo in Chicago, so we had been using my sofa from college when we first moved to CA. Luckily, it was in great shape and looked fine in our California rental, but there just wasn't enough room for both of us to be comfortable. When we decided to buy a home, the sofa was the first thing to go (Craigslist - holla!).

We found the perfect (HUGE) sectional, but it definitely needed some accessorizing. It is extremely difficult (and expensive!) to find extra large pillows, so I decided to make my own. We had some fabric leftover from our roman shades, and I found another great print at Joann's. I made these while my mom was still in town (thank goodness! it's been a while since I did any sewing), and I think they turned out great! I am a pillow freak, and would like my sofa to be pillow-city, so I'm still on the lookout for another great fabric...hoping to throw in some pinks or reds. Just to give you a sizing reference - the gray crisscross patterned pillows are 20x20, and the larger pillows are 26x26! Larger pillows = a more expensive look. When shopping for pillows, always look for 18x18 and larger - anything smaller tends to cheapen the space.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lusting After : Painted Doors

Do you have plain, white boring doors like me? I have been lusting after beautifully painted doors recently, and one look that I'm especially loving is the black door. Even with all white woodwork (like my home), a black door looks amaze. A small change with a big impact, painted doors are so much prettier, don't you think? Daydreaming of the day with a custom home with HIGH QUALITY doors, but for now painting seems like a fantastic option. Inspiring me lately...

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nate Berkus for Target

Nate Berkus has designed a line for Target - here October 21st! Nate is one of my favorite designers; his spaces are perfectly balanced and elegantly understated, don't you think? Also, I have to admit I am a little jealous of his relationship with Brian Atwood...sigh.

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And here is a peek at the line that will hit Target next week.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Boots Under $100

fall boots under $100

Nothing better than a great, NEW pair of fall boots! Boots are typically one of my 'big ticket' items, but found a number of great boots under $100 all at Piperlime, and had to share! My favorite find is the bottom left (Chinese Laundry). I love over-the-knee boots with leggings, and the only pair I own have a heel - so it would be great to have a flat pair as well.

Which style would you choose? 

My Weekend

Hello and welcome to Monday! This weekend flew by, and I'm longing for one more day of r & r. We had a great few days of not doing much of anything. We were planning to head to the pumpkin patch yesterday, but it was SO hot we decided to postpone the visit. Have you made a trip to your local pumpkin farm? It's one of my favorite fall activities, and I'm so excited to take Sophia to see the pumpkins and animals (although, I'm sure she won't appreciate it until next year...I will!).

We are attempting to make the transition to the crib. We are not co-sleepers, and Sophia does not sleep in our room, but she has been sleeping in her swing or bouncy seat since she was only a few days old. She loves (since the day she was born) to be held, rocked, and to be constantly moving. When I initially put her in her crib, she would move around and not be able to fall asleep, so I bought a bouncy seat - which worked...for some time. After a few weeks, when she was in her seat, she would fuss unless someone (me) was bouncing the seat. So - I caved, and bought a swing, which has been a total life-saver. She loves the swing, and is (most of the time) content when I put her in there. The swinging motion puts her (and keeps her) to sleep very easily - she currently sleeps 6-7 hours/night. Our doctor said it is completely safe to let her sleep in the swing, but I know she is eventually going to outgrow it and HAVE to sleep in her crib, so I am trying to make this transition a bit easier by starting this week. Right now, she is asleep in her crib, and has been for an hour and a half (hoping this works). Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Any tips for us? 

I came across a great quote last night; I just love this. We could all use a small reminder now and then, and I felt this was a great way to kick off the week, no? 

I made a trip to the nail salon this weekend, and was chatting with the girl who was doing my nails when she asked me my name. When I told her my name was Brooke, she got the most confused look on her face. She said, "Like 'broke'? Why would your father give you a name like that?" LOL. After I tried to explain that it was different, I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled. 

I used to be a 'white wine only' type of girl, but have recently taken the plunge into the deliciousness they call red. I found a new favorite this weekend, and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a sweet & smooth red wine. Bonus - only $14 a bottle! 

I had to get a little dessert to go with it. 

After church yesterday, the greatest surprise was waiting outside - a line of FOOD TRUCKS! I was so excited, starving, and made my way to the Mexican truck - 'Tamarindo.' 

Mexican Coke - my favorite! 

I ordered one fish taco, and one veggie taco. Both were delicious, but the veggie taco was out of this world! If you live in Orange County, I would definitely suggest stalking this food truck - the tacos are only $3.50! YUM. Find out more about Tamarindo HERE

Random Monday thought, but how great do Barbara and Elizabeth look today? You can't see in the photo, but Elizabeth is wearing a great pair of burgundy skinnies with her leather top and dagger necklace, and Barbara is rocking that chevron, sequin sweater. Barbara is my all-time favorite. 
Can you believe she is 83?! I hope I look that fab at 83. 

Happy Monday!