Monday, October 8, 2012

My Weekend in Photos

Hello! How was your weekend? We were on the go all weekend, and feeling a little sleepy this Monday (what's new?). My hubby suggested we make a trip to Manhattan Beach for the day on Saturday, and we had a lot of fun. We spent the afternoon walking on the pier and checking out the local boutiques. We stumbled upon the cutest ice cream & candy shop (love at first sight). I have always had a major sweet tooth, and they had the most adorable Halloween-inspired treats. Here's a peek into my weekend via my camera roll.

 trader joes trip/sprinkles cookies/church baby/
cotton candy deliciousness/panini brunch/a night out for sushi
my babes on the pier/hanging art/halloween cake pops

my little bunny

halloween caramel apples 

dolphin watching


Did you have a nice weekend? 


  1. Manhattan Bch is one of my favorite beach towns in Southern California! Looks like yall had a wonderful weekend!

    1. it was my first time there - such a cute place! xo

  2. looks like a lovely weekend! Was it the Manhattan Creamery?! Thats are MUST stop spot every time were in Manhattan Beach! so cute!

    1. it was! just looked back at my photos and saw that on the cotton candy ;) i can see why it would be your must stop spot - it's amazing! YUM! xo

  3. Replies
    1. don't they? i'm wishing i would have brought some home with me! ;)


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