Thursday, October 18, 2012

My DIY Pillows

Upon moving into our new home, the first thing on our 'to buy' list was a new sofa, specifically a sectional. We are reality TV junkies, and always ordering movies on demand, so it's muy importante that we have a comfy place to lounge while doing so. You may remember that we sold all of our furniture along with our condo in Chicago, so we had been using my sofa from college when we first moved to CA. Luckily, it was in great shape and looked fine in our California rental, but there just wasn't enough room for both of us to be comfortable. When we decided to buy a home, the sofa was the first thing to go (Craigslist - holla!).

We found the perfect (HUGE) sectional, but it definitely needed some accessorizing. It is extremely difficult (and expensive!) to find extra large pillows, so I decided to make my own. We had some fabric leftover from our roman shades, and I found another great print at Joann's. I made these while my mom was still in town (thank goodness! it's been a while since I did any sewing), and I think they turned out great! I am a pillow freak, and would like my sofa to be pillow-city, so I'm still on the lookout for another great fabric...hoping to throw in some pinks or reds. Just to give you a sizing reference - the gray crisscross patterned pillows are 20x20, and the larger pillows are 26x26! Larger pillows = a more expensive look. When shopping for pillows, always look for 18x18 and larger - anything smaller tends to cheapen the space.


  1. Looks gorgeous and I absolutely ADORE that octopus art. It is so different. I have one of those IKEA lumbar pillows you have under your coffee table! I think a bit of pink like you suggested would look really nice xo

  2. Gorgeous! Are you an interior decorator?

    1. thank you, angela! no i am not - just love to do it!

  3. obsessed with that octopus art <3

  4. My sewing machine is collecting dust! I so need to update my pillows too. You have major talent my dear! Love the fabric you chose :)


  5. I love your pillows! The color and pattern fit perfectly. Where did you find your sectional?

  6. love those! Where did you get those amazing zig zag pillows under your coffee table? I would love to know!

  7. You need to be an interior decorator!


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