Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sneak Peek: Roman Shade Install

Our roman shades have finally been completed, and were installed today! A little 'sneak peek' for you this afternoon, with more photos on the way - I promise. I am totally in love with the way they turned out - couldn't be happier!

Here were the shades/kitchen BEFORE: 


And again (to get the 'full effect')...AFTER:

What do you think of the shades? 


  1. Total shade envy! The bamboo shades were not doing the beautiful kitchen justice. Love it... can't wait for more pictures!

  2. I love love love them!!! i CANNOT wait to see finished pics of the house - loving your style

    1. Thank you - hoping to have some more photos soon! ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm sitting in the airport waiting on my flight, and just looked through your entire blog! You did such a great job with this kitchen re-do! Great inspiration!

  4. Wow - I love how this turned out.

  5. Beautiful kitchen & lovely shade! I love your blog and your sense of style! Do you mind sharing the name of the fabric for the shade or where you found it?! Thank you!!

  6. The roman shades are lovely. I like the little acrylic tray, too. Why is it that everything looks so much better placed on a tray?

  7. So pretty! Thanks for linking up!


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