Monday, August 20, 2012

The RealReal::Consignment Paradise

I love discovering new treasures...the latest is a site called 'The RealReal.' Have you heard of it? This site specializes in high-end consignment. I am not a big fan of consignment stores, because I feel like I'm just not good at finding the 'hidden gems.' I swear my sister-in-law could be a professional consignment shopper - she is always finding high end Not so lucky - I couldn't even find an ugly sweater at Goodwill last Christmas. Pathetic, huh? 

However, The RealReal is something I can work with! It is set up much like 'Gilt,' but all of the items have been consigned - many of them look brand new, some still have the tags. It's not just 'so so' stuff - they have everything from LV luggage, to Chanel bags, to Rolex watches. Here are a few items I am loving.

Be sure to check out their site for all of the amazing deals! 


  1. Oh no...why did you have to post bank account is going to hate me!

  2. Gah don't do this to me! Gilt is already enough trouble for my wallet.

  3. I'm definitely planning on checking this out asap. Great find.

  4. Oh wow! Can't wait to check this out but I don't think it will do well with my new budget!


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