Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Pop of Pink

Sorry for my absence yesterday - I was busy running errands - heading to 2 doctors appointments, cleaning, and of course...p-a-c-k-i-n-g. I officially 'purged' for this first time in YEARS. I am usually the girl who holds on to every article of clothing and pair of shoes, because, 'I'll wear that again...' - yeah right. It felt so good - and I ended up with SIX huge garbage bags of full clothing/shoes that I no longer wear or need. The sad thing? A lot of the shoes have never been worn, and some of the clothing still has tags on it...ever happen to you? 

Although I was able to get rid of a ton, there are a few pieces I will probably never get rid of (feel free to call me a hoarder, like my husband does), like these shoes...

It was fun to 'rediscover' some of my shoes, and dream about wearing them again (I have not attempted to walk in 5+ inch heels in quite some time). For the past several months, I've been living in my flats...and I can't wait to get back to heels! There's just something about the way they make you feel, no? 

I am so ready to be moved - only a few more days! My living room currently looks like this, and it's driving me nuts! I hate clutter just as much as I hate 'the waiting game.' It's hard to believe Friday night we will be in our new home...I can't wait!

Enough about moving...let's get to what I really wanted to talk about today - PINK! Not just anything pink, pink in your home. I love decorating with pink, but it can be tricky, especially if your guy has anything to do with it! However, I'm here to prove to you, it's easy to add pops of this gorgeous hue to any room without making it look too feminine. A few perfect examples...

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Add PINK to your home with: 



coffee table books (one of my favorites)

fresh flowers

throw pillows

Do you have any pink in your home? 


  1. Love the shoes! I hope you have a smooth moving process!

  2. Good luck with the move sweets! I am in need of a serious purge myself! Same thought process as you, I will totally wear that again. Rarely happens!

  3. I love the pink with the bookshelf wall! Adore the Louboutins.

  4. Good luck the move! Good job on the purge - it always makes me feel so much better! Love all the pops of pink you featured!

  5. Love little pops of pink. Especially the idea of little candles. So cute. And they smell good.

  6. Hi Brooke, hope you found the right pink! Pink and grey, or brown and gray, super masculine! Definitely not for girls only!

  7. Oops looks like my comment deleted? Hope you found the right pink!!


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