Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good Things Happening...In The Form Of Mail

Hello, lassies! How is your day going? I have had such a busy week, I am looking forward to the weekend (although, that will probably be even busier). Sometimes I hate the mail (like when they lose all of my mailed letters, thank yous, and birthday cards), but other times I love it (like when I get unexpected letters or packages)!

Today was a very exciting day for me (in terms of the mail). I received the lamp I have been lusting after (ever since I spotted it on Alex Berlin's home tour), and it's just as pretty in person as I had hoped!

I also received two packages of gifts for baby girl - full of the sweetest, most precious items! Thank you Aunties Sara & Meredith - swoon! 

Have you received anything good in the mail lately? 


  1. burberry swimsuit?!?! so cute either way!!!! haha. & i love the giraffe :)

  2. Awwwwww... Love that lamp and the baby items are adorable! I just sent out "be my bridesmaid" cards for my wedding next year. Yay for mail!

  3. You are going to LOVE the Aden & Anais products! Target carries some of their swaddling blankets for a good price...but, if you order directly from the company (or from Amazon) the blankets are even softer and a bit of my must-have baby products for sure!
    Btw, love the lamp! :))

  4. Love the lamp!! Where is it from?

    1. Haha just looked around for it. It's by Nate berkus!

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