Thursday, July 12, 2012

Home Tour: Alex Berlin

Have you seen Alex Berlin's home tour on The Glitter Guide yet? I had seen bits and pieces floating around the blogosphere and Pinterest, but came across the full article yesterday. I am in love with her home, and wish I could copy and paste myself into living that weird? The space is a perfect balance between 'his' and 'hers' - gray and black pieces with metallic accents and pops of pink. 

This lamp is my favorite! 

Don't you love it?

View the full article here 

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  1. That is good! such great styling. Thanks!

  2. Amazing! I love Alex & her blog. Her home is amazing!

  3. I love it! Her home is absolutely gorgeous! If you figure out how to copy and paste yourself into living there, let me know ;)

  4. Aw Brooke, thank you so much for the sweet feature!!! You can come visit any time :) xo


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