Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rock It or Knock It

Happy Tuesday! There are so many trends (and a few 'out there' looks) that I love, and there are definitely others I loathe. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of debate-worthy looks, and ask you, "Would you rock it or knock it?"

So, which looks would you rock? Which ones would you knock? 


  1. Fun post! I would not wear ankle socks or pj pants!


  2. Great idea for a post!!! I own floral denim and LOVE them. I also love ankle socks, but am yet to rock them. I am a little sketched out by the PJs look, but it might grow on me- who knows!

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  4. Hi dear, lovely post!I love the tribal print trend. I follow you now and I will be happy if you follow back:D
    xx chris

  5. im loving the midi skirt especially the pleated one and definitely no ankle socks unless they are running socks and i am going for a run and nope on pj pants too


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