Friday, August 3, 2012

A House Update ((and a paint FAIL))

It's Friday! I am SO happy it's the about you? As I mentioned earlier this week, we will most likely spend the majority of our weekend organizing and packing (one of my least favorite things in the world!), but it will be nice to have a bit of downtime as well. My husband will be heading to 'Daddy Boot Camp' tomorrow - can't wait to hear how it goes, I just laugh every time I think of it!

I will leave you today with a few updates on the house - some of the painting is complete, and I love it all most of it. The one epic fail occurred in the nursery - oh joy! But let's start off with something a little more pleasing to the eye...a sneak peek of the kitchen! I am very happy with the way the it's turning out...we're almost there!

Ok...back to the nursery. I ended up going with a Benjamin Moore color (instead of Valspar, which I originally wrote about) for quality and VOC reasons. Anyway, the color I chose looks absolutely hideous - like a pink highlighter! I know neon is 'in' and all, but somehow I just don't think it works for a wall color. I was so shocked when I walked into the room, and kept trying to talk myself into liking it, but it wasn't working (I was up for 3 hours in the middle of the night thinking about how much I hated it). It was simply NOT what I had in mind for the room. This morning, I caved. We are changing it (hallelujah!). I ordered three new samples to be tested in the room over the weekend, and will let the painters know the decision so they can 'fix' the room on Monday. Oops. Without further adieu, I present: the NEON PINK NURSERY.

*please note, these photos don't even do it justice

The color is Benjamin Moore's 'Mixed Fruit.' - don't. do. it. 

It almost glows in the dark - seriously. 

Let's move on to some of my better color choices, shall we? For the majority of the house, we chose BM's 'Revere Pewter,' and to say I love it is an understatement! I was having the most difficult time choosing a color, and couldn't be more thrilled with the way this gray looks on our walls - love! 

I wanted something a bit more dramatic in my office, and decided on BM's 'Stormy Monday.'

Do you like the colors I chose (besides the obvious neon nursery disaster)? 

In other exciting news, I am an auntie again to a beautiful baby boy - Graham Reid! This is my first nephew, and I am so happy for the (now) family of 4! Congratulations you guys! xo 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. I love the colors you chose (minus the nursery lol). I am a big fan of neutrals and grays.

  2. I have a 10 month old I cook solids for at night because that's the only time I can. I don't enjoy it. But I don't think I would mind as much if I were in a gorgeous kitchen like that!

  3. Im obsessed with gray and white combos! Benjamin Moore makes the best paint. Wish we would have come across the Revere Pewter when we were painting...the one we chose wasn't as dramatic as I hoped. I wanted to repaint but we didn't want to move all our furniture out again. Looks great!!

  4. I really like the colors you chose! The pink looks ok, but I know how neon these colors can get. We did a million pain trials before picking the color for Owen's room!

  5. i love the grays you chose! they're perfect for a home. too bad about the nursery color :(

  6. your choices are great! love grey walls actually as they are very calming to the mind.
    and i am so glad that you decided to change the color of the nursery because if it doesnt give you peace, you should change it.
    i remembered that i wanted a light grey for my home and when the paint went on the walls, it turned a little peach colour and it seem more like pink than grey.
    my husband and i thought about of over one day and had the walls repainted too and was glad for many many days to come.
    have fun doing up your home and cant wait to see the final outcome!

  7. I once painted my bedroom (what I thought was) a soft green colour and it turned out to be neon. I spent a little too much to change it straight away but it was the bane of my life for a few months – you are so right to change it! I really really really love the rest of the colours you chose! ‘Stormy Monday’ really stands out for me.

  8. What color is the trip with the revere pewter?

  9. I think you did a fine job in painting your house, especially the kitchen. It looks immaculate and tidy. I think the white color goes well with the space. But I have to agree with you on the nursery room. Although the paint is not too bad, the color is too bright for a nursery room. The repainting is probably done by now, so what color did you use? If it’s not too late, I would suggest that you use a lighter shade for the nursery. Light blue or light pink would be perfect.


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