Friday, April 20, 2012

Currently Loving

Happy Friday! I hope you had a fabulous week and are ready for the weekend -- I know I am! Today, I am bringing you 10 items I am currently loving...some need no explanation at all (ahem...7). 
1. Clarisonic - Since becoming pregnant, my skin has been extremely dry...especially on my face (totally annoying). Using this baby twice a day has certainly helped exfoliate my skin and help keep it fresh.
2. Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag - While I (obviously) haven't used my diaper bag yet, I am thrilled with this purchase. I wanted a lightweight bag, that didn't look too baby-ish. This was my perfect find - it's loaded with pockets, extremely lightweight (nylon), includes a changing pad, and features top and cross-body carrying options. Can't wait to use it!
3. Bio-Oil...I have been using this for the past few weeks in an attempt to avoid any stretch marks. I know a lot has to do with genetics, but have heard great things about Bio-Oil. It feels great on my skin, and so far - no stretch marks! 
4. Essie 'Fiji' of my go-to summer shades. 
5. Buxom Gloss in 'Dolly' - my all-time favorite lip gloss. Still haven't found anything to top it - and I'm open to suggestions! 
6. Urban Decay 'Naked' eyeshadow pallet. I love the warm/neutral tones this pallet includes - every shade is gorgeous, and I'm loving experimenting with this one. 
7. Sprinkles Red Velvet - I've been doing my best to eat healthy throughout my pregnancy, but sometimes you have to allow yourself to splurge...
8. Beautyblender makeup sponge - I recently purchased the beautyblender and I'm in love. This creates such a flawless, natural look - you can't beat it. 
9. Rosebud Salve - I have always been a sucker for Rosebud. My lips are very sensitive and this salve keeps them nice and smooth! 
10. Mary Kay 'TimeWise' Microdermabrasion Set - I love this microdermabrasion's like a mini facial with every use - my skin has never felt more smooth, and it beats the price of a facial by a long shot. 'Step 2 - replenish' really helps smooth my skin out before applying moisturizer. 

*These are all products I use (or eat), and LOVE! I would highly recommend any/all of them to you! 

Here I am using #5 on our wedding day...

1. Clarisonic 2. Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag 3. Bio-Oil 4. Essie - Fiji 5. Buxom Lip Gloss - Dolly 6. Urban Decay Naked Pallet 7. Sprinkles - Red Velvet Cupcake 8. Beautyblender Makeup Sponge 9. Rosebud Lip Salve 10. TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set


  1. LOVE all your picks! I already got my diaper bag, but the Marc one has me thinking I NEED it, right? Oh man! And I have been using Bio Oil as well! :) Thanks for stopping by today...can't wait to check out more of your blog! And the dress is Anthro! Here's the link:

    Super cute! ;)

    1. Yes, haha! I am definitely loving the diaper bag - what did you end up getting? ;)
      Thank you...heading to Anthro now!


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