Friday, April 27, 2012

The Weekend

Happy Friday...thank goodness! I am still not feeling well - but went in for a strep test today, which came back negative (oh yeah!) I am planning on a weekend full of rest and relaxation. Any fun plans for you? I will leave you with an extremely easy, healthy, tasty, and vegan recipe to try this weekend.

- 1 c rice (I use this - which makes the recipe even easier)
- 1/2 c pinto beans
- 1/2 c tofu (I use extra firm)
- 1/2 c salsa
- Avocado
- Spices (add any to your liking)

- Drain and 'press' tofu (press between paper towels or clean kitchen towel) - get as much moisture out as possible
- Once tofu has been drained and pressed, crumble and place in saute pan
- Add salsa to the pan, and saute combination over medium heat for about 3 minutes 
- Add cooked rice and pinto beans
- Saute all ingredients over medium heat, adding more salsa or other spices if you choose (I add a little olive oil once all ingredients have been added to the pan)
- Top with fresh avocado and enjoy! Yummy

21g protein and under 300 calories! 
Total cook time is about 10 minutes - can't beat that! 

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  1. Brooke, if you cook tofu frequently a Tofu Press is a necessity; the EZ Tofu Press can press tofu in 5-20 minutes, this provides for better texture and flavor absorption. Also saves on wasting paper towels! They are available online for around $19.99.


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