Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monogrammed Gems

I have yet to write my letter to Santa, but when I get around it, I'll be sure to ask him for a piece of monogrammed jewelry with Sophia's initials.  There are so many beautiful baubles out there, and I've rounded up a few 'high' and 'low' pieces. My favorite is the engraved glass pendant - how unique is that? It reminds me of a family heirloom - swoon! There's just something so precious about monogrammed gems, don't you think? 


What's on your Christmas list? 


  1. That's so funny, I asked my hubby for a monogrammed necklace too for Christmas. I asked for the one from Jennifer Zeuner though. I have her sideways cross necklace and it is great quality, so I know I can't got wrong with hers. It's a little pricey, but worth it! http://www.jenniferzeuner.com/z10-large-swirly-3-initial-pendant.html

  2. http://www.tiffany.com/shopping/item.aspx?mcat=&sku=GRP00330&selectedsku=10634091&cid=288158&search_params=s+5-p+77-c+288158-r+101287465+101323338-x+-n+6-ri+-ni+0-t&fromgrid=1

    I have 2 of these necklaces, a T (for Thatcher) and an S (for Sawyer). I wear both letters on the same chain. Need to get the C (for Cohen).

    Check this out http://www.thevintagepearl.com/ I have tons of stuff from The Vintage Pearl. My favorite being the necklace with my boys names. And their store is in Tulsa!

  3. Doesn't it just feel like the whole world is getting more sentimental these days??? I have been smitten with all the monogramming lately, too! I definitely am adding a piece of monogrammed jewelry to the Christmas list (whew! It's getting loooong!) (c;


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