Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1st Birthday

My sister-in-law recently asked me for some help planning my adorable niece's 1st birthday party. I love a great party as well as the next gal, and coming up with ideas is just as fun...for me, anyway! I came across so many cute snapshots, and wanted to share a few with you all...enjoy!

wishing tree

love the loose stars inside the invitation

over-sized round balloons = amaze!

up next: food
I came across so many things served in mason jars or plastic cups and I love this idea! Individual servings, no plates necessary, not to mention EASY cleanup. 

my fav = cupcakes in a jar

All images via Pintrest.


  1. This looks professional! Absolutely gorgeous!
    Event Planning maven :)

  2. Yummy and beautiful! Perfect for a little girl! I'm curious as to what you would do for a boys 1st birthday ;)

  3. Thank you :) - Maybe a boy's birthday for another post ;)


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