Wednesday, December 5, 2012

$3 'Wallpapered' Bookcase

I have been wanting to paint/wallpaper our bookcase for a loooong time, and decided to tackle the project yesterday. I knew I didn't want to splurge on designer wallpaper before I tried the look out first, so I headed to The Paper Source to scout out their selection to get 'the look for less.' However, I was very sad when I realized all of their amazing papers are SO thin - like an old newspaper. I was scared the paper would rip and tear during the process, and the rolls of heavier paper were just not pretty enough.

Feeling discouraged, I was heading to the car when I walked by Hallmark (of all places!), and decided to check out their wrapping paper selection. I didn't find what I was looking for, BUT I did find an adorable pink ikat(ish) pattern on sale - 2 rolls for $5.99, and I couldn't pass it up.

I ended up using only one roll of paper, and have another leftover to use for wrapping gifts ;). Overall, I think the look is cute, but not what I am after, so I will be changing it. Before I do, I knew I had to share this EXTREMELY easy and cheap project with you. If you're looking to temporarily update a bookcase, this is a great (temporary and inexpensive) option.

materials used 

Step One: Remove items and shelves (or just items if your shelves don't come out) 
PS - sorry for the terrible photos, I wasn't really planning blogging this when I started

Step Two: Paper the back of shelves, using double sided tape (As you can see, I cut the paper too short on the bottom - simply add more paper to the bottom. Also remember, it doesn't have to be EXACT as you will be filling your shelves with items.)

Step Three: Replace shelves and items! Told you it was simple! 

I'll be sure to share an update when the shelves are changed. SO, what do you think of this project? 


  1. i think it looks so good! this is something i would def. want to do as soon as i find the bookcases i'm looking for :)

  2. Love it! great choice of paper . . . makes everything pop!

  3. GREAT and easy DIY. Thank you for sharing. I count on creative people like you to come up with these amazingly simple and fantastic ideas. I would never have thought of this.

    I've bought that exact paper for wrapping gifts. I think it look cute on the shelves. You could even change it seasonly, not in a cheesy / campy way, but Fall colors, Spring colors, etc.

  4. I love this idea! I was thinking of doing this to a bulit in bookshelf in my living room but we have so many colorful paintings already I thought it would overwhelm the room...I ended up hanging picture frames between the shelves instead :) yours turned out awesome! I love the pink!!

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