Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sophia - 3 Months

Dear Sophia,

You are three months old and I can't believe it! You are growing so fast, and your personality is really starting to shine. Music, mirrors, and anything electronic (ut oh) are your favorites. You love when I sing to you, bath time, and playing with your new toys - your hand-eye coordination has really improved. 

Next week, you will be taking your first flight - heading to Chicago to see your grandparents, then to Iowa to see your Mimi and Papa, and meet your aunts, uncles, and cousins! I am a bit worried about flying with you (any & all tips welcome), but I'm sure we will get through it one way or another! ;) 

You have started to hold your bottle; sometimes it is a bit too heavy for you, but you always want to have your hands on that thing! Looking forward to your first Christmas! I love you to the moon & beyond! 



  1. She is sooooooo precious! Happy three months Sophia!


  2. She is beautiful! Tips for flying? Firstof all it is SO much easier when they are her age than older so it should not be that bad at all . . . . buy a few new (small, non-noise-making) toys/books (whatever she likes to look/play with right now) and dont let her see/play with them till on the plane and take them out one at a time .... feed her on take-off and landing so that her ears won't pop ... if she is not hungry and takes a pacifier that works too . . . the noise in the plane will actually act like white noise so she may sleep quite a bit ... dont feel bad if you end up walking up and down the aisle with her to get her to sleep, it will keep her distracted and the motion will lull her ..... and dont stress, you will be surprised!


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