Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Peacock Chair : Patio Inspiration

I love the Peacock chair - many people (I'm sure), would disagree...but I just love the bohemian vibe it brings to any space. I am considering getting a pair for my patio, and have been sourcing inspiration photos. Here are a few images I'm lusting after...

images via

What do you think of the peacock chair?


  1. Ok I am totally with you on this look BUT have you ever sat in a peacock chair? they are SO not comfy or loungy . . . . I think the pair in the 3rd photos would be comfy . . . but I love the whole boho-look you are going for!

  2. Love those!! My oldest sister had one in her all wicker white room with green shag carpet:) we called it the fan chair:)

  3. I too, am also a fan of the peacock chairs as well. I remember back in the late 80's, my parents had a couple of these in their conservatory.


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