Thursday, February 7, 2013

You'll Never Guess...

...where this furniture is from. Or, maybe you will - but I had no idea. 

Drum roll please...IKEA! Can you believe it?! A company called Bemz creates custom slipcovers for IKEA furniture to make it look (much) nicer than it normally does. This is their newest collection, isn't it fabuloso? The slipcovers aren't cheap (some of them cost more than the actual IKEA product), but they are gorgeous.

I was looking at a slipcovered chair yesterday (Serena & Lily), but now I'm seriously considering purchasing one of these and heading on over to IKEA for 1/2 the price of a normal slipcovered piece. The one I want (of course) seems a bit ridiculous at $369 just for the slipcover, but it is 100% linen. Would that be crazy - to spend $369 on a slipcover for a piece of IKEA furniture?! I know my husband will think so (he hates IKEA). Please, tell me what you think. Here is the one I am considering...

I'd love to throw a vintage suzani over the back - something like this...

So please, let me know...would this be crazy? 

images via Bemz


  1. How cool! I wish I was that creative...oh the money I would save!


  2. I don't think IKEA furniture is that comfortable. I would test out the comfort in store before purchasing. The stuffed things seem cheaply padded to me.

  3. I don't think it is CRAZY! We have an IKEA couch in our bonus room that serves its purpose, but I don't know if I would buy another one. Ours is just a little tough to sit on....hmmm! I DEFINITELY would consider it myself though if it is between that and the Serena and Lily one to be honest! Linen is linen. I just made some curtains for my daughter's new nursery out of linen. It is such a beautiful and luxurious looking fabric!


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