Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tips for Selling on Craigslist

I sell quite a few things on Craigslist, and have gotten a number of emails asking for tips and tricks to sell. There is no 'secret method,' but here are a few things I have learned.

1. You CAN (probably) sell everything.
My husband is the king of wanting to throw things away (especially when we were moving), which is so frustrating to me. He was throwing away a lot of nice clothing that 'just didn't fit' him anymore (things like a Burberry jacket, and Paul Smith pants). I didn't know until AFTER the fact - I would have definitely donated them if he didn't want to wait for them to sell. You'd be shocked at what people are looking to buy. Just to prove my point to him, I listed a Mont Blanc pen he was ready to throw in the trash, and received over 20 messages within the first few hours - selling it the first day it was listed - point proven. You can sell (almost) everything. I mainly sell furniture (beds, lamps, tables, etc), but clothing and accessories go fast as well. However...this leads me to my next point.

2. Things will sell, IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT.
I know everybody thinks their own items are worth more, but I'm here to tell you - that's not true (sorry). Unless you want your items to sit for months and months, you have to price them reasonably. A rule of thumb is: pricing used items at half (OR LESS) the cost you paid for them (unless it is a vintage item that will maintain its value, or up-cycled furniture). For example, I had a used Tory Burch wallet that I purchased for $200; I listed, and sold the wallet for $40. That is much less than half, but I wanted to get rid of it quickly, and I tried to price it at what I thought was fair for a used wallet. On the other hand, up-cycled furniture can actually make you money. Remember these chairs I purchased for $100? After I refinished and reupholstered them, I was able to sell them for $325 (after using for over a year). 

3. Photos are important!
And this means good photos - if you have your items displayed nicely, people will be more likely to purchase your items (and pay a higher price). 

4. Don't get discouraged if your item isn't selling quickly.
Just because your item isn't selling right away, doesn't mean it won't. You never know when someone is going to be looking for the exact item you are selling, and if it's priced right, it will eventually sell. Don't drastically drop the price (unless you are desperate) if you can afford to 'wait it out.' It took several weeks for my dining chairs to sell, but it was certainly worth the wait. Remember to 'RENEW' your listing (this will ensure your listing is seen under current date searches). 

5. Ignore lowball offers. 
Don't respond to someone you feel has give you a lowball offer - that way they don't even have your email address. It's not worth it. 

6. DO NOT sell to someone who is offering to wire you money.
It's a scam. I only accept CASH - make sure you state that in your listing. 

7. Meet in a neutral location to sell your item (if you can).
This is obviously for safety reasons, and in order to not give out your address. This may not always be possible (for example, when selling large furniture items). If I'm not able to meet someone in a neutral location, I take the item outside of my home for them to look at/purchase. I do not invite 'craigslist people' into my home. 

Those are my simple tips and tricks - please email me or leave a comment with any additional questions! Here are a few items I have recently sold on Craigslist:

these chairs - set of 4 (Drexel Heritage)

this bed (Pottery Barn) 

this bed (IKEA)

this 'coffe table' (IKEA), this sofa (Macy's)

these bar stools (Overstock)

these runners - set of 2 (Target)

this wallet (TB)

this dining table (IKEA)

this mirrored cabinet (Overstock) 

If you're in doubt, LIST IT. Happy Tuesday! 


  1. So funny Stephen is the exact same...trying to just get rid of everything ;) Great tips love!

  2. Such good tips! I'm wanting to sell our sofa on Craigslist -- this helps lots!

    1. Thank you! I will say, the sofa was the most difficult for me to sell, and I was a little shocked at the price I had to sell it for - it was about 1/3 of the original cost, but we were moving...so I had to move it quickly. Good luck! xo

  3. Damn if I lived near you I'd be scooping up everything you're selling too!

  4. Great tips! My parents have a whole bunch of stuff that needs to go! I'll be referring back to this during our big spring clean out.

    1. It's actually almost become a hobby now (I probably shouldn't admit that - LOL) xo

  5. Im with Erin! If i could "follow" people on Craigslist like we can on IG I'd be all over it, lol... great tips, thanks! xo

    1. ;) Well I know you live in the area, so I'll start letting you know if I'm looking to get rid of more items! xo

  6. How did you get rid of the couch? Did you deliver it, or did the buyer come to your home? Same thing with the beds?

  7. Great tips! Craigslist is great for selling stuff! We have gotten rid of lots of stuff! Even when u think no one would want something, like our old rusted grill, it sold for $25. and i would have bought that mirrored side table...and the dining chairs:) maybe I should start shopping on there more!

  8. These are great tips! Thanks for all of your suggestions. I look forward to putting them into action.


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