Friday, June 1, 2012

Designer: Rachael Goddard

Happy Friday! I hope you had a wonderful week...any plans for the weekend? I am planning to relax, hit up the farmer's market, and enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather!

It's very rare that I come across an interior designer/design portfolio that has me lusting room after room, page after page...but that is in fact what happened when I discovered Rachael Goddard of PAINT/DESIGN/DECOR,INC. Each and every space is beautifully designed, well thought out, and looks inviting. Her design style is greatly versatile, and can go from elegant and classic, to clean and contemporary.

These are a few of my favorite spaces from her portfolio...which one do you love? 

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. I love these images ... perfect inspiration and timely for me since I'm thinking B&W in the DR these days, and many of these pics include elements I'm considering. Thank you so much for finding and sharing her work! Enjoy the weekend.

    Robin @

  2. Robin,

    Glad you enjoyed them as much as I did - aren't they gorgeous? Have a great weekend!


  3. love the white kitchen w/ the island in the middle!

  4. Love her design! Very clean and fresh :)


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