Thursday, January 24, 2013

Let's Talk Nightstands

I am not a huge fan of nightstands...I'm just not. These small, awkward tables just don't appeal to me, and I have a hard time finding a nightstand I actually enjoy (and when I do, it usually costs a LOT more than I want to spend on a nightstand). 

I've been in search of new nightstands for our bedroom, and as you could probably guess, I'm struggling. I have found a few inspiring photos, but I'm just not falling head over heels for any I can find. Bone inlay chests are probably at the top of my list, but I'm not exactly thrilled when I think about spending over $2000 for ONE nightstand...uhg. A lot of the photos I've compiled are actually images of chests, not traditional nightstands - maybe I should give that a try, thoughts? 

Do you have any suggestions for me? 


  1. I love mirrored night stands, I want to find a reasonably priced one so bad! The second one is really cute. You're so crafty you could probably make your own!

    1. I have mirrored right now - trying to get rid of it, want it? ;) Target has a cute mirrored table right now for under $200!

  2. Those are are really pretty! I really like the first and second one.

  3. I am so with you! We haven't had night stands since we've been married because I CANNOT find ones that I like {that are reasonably priced!} Let me know if you find some that you like and are reasonable!

  4. I hear you lady we FINALLY decided on a set but spent more than we wanted to for sure ;( These are great inspiration pics and I've referred to your bar stool post for more inspiration! xo

  5. I agree, the nightstands can be so awkward! You don't know how to style them or how to keep them tidy/clutter free - they're weird! I have mine from Ikea (creamy white ones, with a small drawer and a shelf underneath) and I like them, but I struggle to make them look pretty...


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