Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Randoms

A new year calls for a new scent, and I'm really loving this one...I'd even go as far to say it's one of my all-time faves! Notes: caramel, musk, vanilla, and benjoin. You can purchase it here (best deal I've been able to find).

Check out this amazing DIY - I really want to do this...I love super inexpensive DIYs that make a BIG impact. 

I may or may not have gone back to Lala (Kerry Cassill) and bought a few more pillow cases...I think I'm addicted. I'm planning on adding these to our guest bedroom. 

Our holiday card...happy new year! 

Next week, I'll be sharing our entire kitchen renovation with you all...woohoo! I've been holding out in hopes of adding a chandelier, but have realized, it's time to share - I can always update if we end up getting a chandy installed, right? 

the ginormous marble slab that started it all... 

Happy Thursday, loves!


  1. I love Prada Candy! So jealous! Also, I did a cheaper version of that mongolian stool DIY -- you should check it out!

    1. It is sooo good. Oh, I love your DIY version, too - so cute! xo

  2. Looooove those pillowcases... I can see how it's so easy to become addicted to her stuff, it's all gorgeous! Such a cute holiday card too, Sophia's looking like such a big girl already! xo

  3. That stool is fabulous! I hope you do it and post about it. I like this idea of New Year card instead of Holiday, too cute!

  4. Ooh can't wait to see your kitchen reveal!


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