Thursday, January 31, 2013

My New Kitchen Rugs

FINALLY I have made a decision on new kitchen runners...I am thrilled with this purchase, and can't wait until my new rugs arrive! I ordered two 'Painted Desert Rugs' from Lulu & Georgia. I'll post photos as soon as they're here! 

This rug also comes in two other sizes...I love this 8x10 - would be great for a dining room! 

And here is my mood board for the surrounding areas - mixing the old & the new...what do you think? 

It's almost Friday - woohoo! 


  1. I JUST saw those rugs today on L&G. so pretty! By the way, how do you make your mood boards? Photoshop?

    1. Yes - I love them! I use a mix of Polyvore and Gimp (like photoshop, but it's free!) :) xo

  2. love these! Wish I was as adventurous as you in the color and patterns department!

  3. I got an e-mail from them the other day-love!


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